Welcome to the JankDota Hero Stats API!
Current default patch: 6.86c

JSON of all hero/ID pairs: http://api.herostats.io/heroes
Single hero data: http://api.herostats.io/heroes/heroname (or hero ID*)
ALL hero data: http://api.herostats.io/heroes/all
ALL hero data for past patches: http://api.herostats.io/patch/patch number
Giving an incorrect patch number will return a list of valid patch numbers. HeroStats supports patches back to 6.77.

This API is here to help you easily access Dota 2 hero properties. If you are implementing the API, please use intelligent code for getting the hero data as to not destroy the server with requests! Besides that, this data is free and open to use by anyone.

See jankdota.com/herostats for our in-depth display of all hero property data.

See our Github repository

Version 2 is in development with hero leveling, filtering options and more.

*JankDota hero ID from /heroes, not Valve API hero id